Wednesday, October 22, 2014

White Ribbon Week for A & B Tracks

Dear Parents,

White Ribbon Week 2014 will be held the week of October 27th through the 31st for A & B tracks. The theme this year is “Let’s Get Real!”. It’s all about making smart and safe choices online and with other media too. We want to help children find a healthy balance between their physical and digital experiences. We encourage parents to discuss the importance of internet safety with their students. Please take time to look at the White Ribbon Week Contract that accompanies this letter, sign both parts of the contract and return the child’s portion to school by Monday, October 27th. We will display each student’s individual contract on his/her classroom door at the school. Please display the Parent contract somewhere in your home where your child will see it often. The events planned for White Ribbon Week are as follows:

Monday, October 27th – “I will always talk to a trusted adult right away about anything that doesn’t seem right. We’ll work as a team!”
Wear: Any sports jersey with your favorite team logo or favorite team name

Tuesday, October 28th  -- “I will ‘sock’ media time for a real-life experience each day.”
Wear: Your craziest pair of socks, mismatched socks
Activity: “Sock Hop”- here will be music, dancing and other activities outside during lunch recess.

Wednesday, October 29th – ““I will use technology to show kindness and respect to everyone.”
Wear: Cover yourself in WHITE (socks, shirts, pants, hats, caps, shorts, ribbons, gloves, ties, etc.)
Activity: NetSmartz assembly @ 10 am. Parents are invited to attend this assembly.
Thursday, October 30th – “Not Everything I see online is real. Turn your back on what’s not real.”
Wear: Your clothes backwards (shirts, pants, hats, coats, etc.)
Activity: Each grade will watch an internet safety movie. 

Friday, October 31st – “Halloween”
Wear: Halloween Costumes
Activity: Halloween Parade

For more information on how to talk with your child(ren) about internet safety, go to the following websites: 
Great resource on how to talk to your kids.  Age appropriate conversation prompts, etc.
Great video resource for parents (not age appropriate for young children)
How to Protect and Prepare
How to Report Inappropriate Content
Great site that rates and reviews movies, apps and video games for parents.